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Certified Buyer's Representative

Buyer clients benefit from my additional training as a Certified Buyer's Representative which is specific to the local areas — New York City and the northern suburbs — where you plan to purchase.

It makes a difference who you speak to about a property. A Seller's Agent (a.k.a. Listing Agent) is an agent engaged by a seller to represent the seller's best interests. A Buyer's Agent is an agent engaged by a buyer to represent the buyer's best interests. A Certified Buyer's Representative is an agent who has dedicated themselves to developing skills and maintaining knowledge of the marketplace that are particularly useful in securing the best terms available at the best price possible for the a real estate buyer.

Whether a first-time or experienced buyer, you will want to have the best prepared and committed agent working for you — that is a Certified Buyer's Representative.

Please contact me through the contact form or at 718-874-2877 or 914-661-0340. I look forward to hearing from you.

What one KRES client had to say:

"Allison, as my buying agent, held my hand and made my experience that much more pleasant. I am over 3000 miles away. It was very important for me to have someone as efficient and trustworthy as Allison . . . I always felt as though she was on top of everything. I also felt that I could rest assured that her interests were what was good for me, the buyer. This was proven with her negotiations to buy my apartment . . . if trust and reliable professional service is what you're looking for, I know no one better."
L. Diaz
August 2005

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Unit Number Riddle

When is a three-family house a one-family home? When it's a one-family house with three residential units. Get it?

This real estate riddle is frequently played out in the New York metro area where one or more illegal apartments are created in a house to help the property owners generate income from their home. The problem comes when that homeowner/landlord attempts to sell their illegally divided house with or without tenants. Banks don't make loans to buyers of houses when an appraiser's report description does not conform to the property's legal status.

What defines an illegal unit? Another kitchen with a working stove is the "tell" even though there are certain situations where an appraiser will accept two kitchens in a one-family house. But three kitchens in a legal single-family home are pushing it; I've had one of those. Four kitchens in a legal two-family house are pushing it exponentially; I've seen one of those.

The solution involves removing the offending kitchen(s). This needn't mean major renovation. Usually the removal of a stove and capping of the gas line will do the trick. Think of it not as loosing a kitchen, but gaining a wet bar—and there are no restrictions on that.

You can't make this stuff up.