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Seniors Real Estate Specialist

Broker Allison Jaffe is certified by the Seniors Real Estate Specialist Council to assist senior homeowners and their families with the process and life changes that are inherent in selling a residence and/or purchasing a new home later in life.

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Pre-Foreclosure Properties

Broker Allison Jaffe shows homeowners struggling with decreased or lost income how to use the equity in their residence to stabilize their family's financial position — before that asset becomes a liability.

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Estate Properties

Broker Allison Jaffe relieves appointed Executors from the tasks of clearing, preparing, and selling an estate's real property and offers a unique marketing period for pre-listing buyers.

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Certified Buyer's Representative

Broker Allison Jaffe is a Certified Buyer's Representative guiding clients through the home-buying experience and protecting their interests in a traditionally seller-represented transaction.

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Key Real Estate Services, LLC

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What one Client had to say:

"Thank you for your irreplaceable contributions to this sale. You are the most pleasant and conscientious broker with whom I have ever dealt."
—Harvey Rosen, Esq.


Thank you for your interest in Key Real Estate Services. I'm Allison Jaffe, a NY State Licensed Real Estate Broker working independently to provide the highest standard of professional representation and essential services to Buyers and Sellers throughout the NYC metropolitan area.

Additionally, Key Real Estate Services works with legal, financial, and eldercare advisors — enabling those professionals to give value-added services to their clients with real estate concerns. I also partner with suburban and out-of-state real estate agents to represent their local clients who must handle the sale of a family home in NYC or the inner suburbs, typically where older relatives have aged in place.

When you hire Key Real Estate Services to represent you in a purchase or sale, you get me — live and in person or by phone, text, e-mail, or fax — to facilitate and manage all aspects of your transaction from start to finish. While I work independently, I do not work alone. As a client of Key Real Estate Services, you also have the support of trusted professionals and vendors to meet all your needs as a buyer or seller. A different network of professionals support Key Real Estate Services' administrative and marketing needs so that I am free to focus on the essential services that only a Licensed Real Estate Broker can provide to you.

Please browse around the website to learn more about those essential services and contact me through the link or at 718-874-2877 or 914-661-0340. I look forward to hearing from you.

Allison Jaffe
NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker

Certified Buyer's Representative
Certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist
Graduate Realtor Institute

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Unit Number Riddle

When is a three-family house a one-family home? When it's a one-family house with three residential units. Get it?

This real estate riddle is frequently played out in the New York metro area where one or more illegal apartments are created in a house to help the property owners generate income from their home. The problem comes when that homeowner/landlord attempts to sell their illegally divided house with or without tenants. Banks don't make loans to buyers of houses when an appraiser's report description does not conform to the property's legal status.

What defines an illegal unit? Another kitchen with a working stove is the "tell" even though there are certain situations where an appraiser will accept two kitchens in a one-family house. But three kitchens in a legal single-family home are pushing it; I've had one of those. Four kitchens in a legal two-family house are pushing it exponentially; I've seen one of those.

The solution involves removing the offending kitchen(s). This needn't mean major renovation. Usually the removal of a stove and capping of the gas line will do the trick. Think of it not as loosing a kitchen, but gaining a wet bar—and there are no restrictions on that.

You can't make this stuff up.